Are my submissions, pitches, and ideas safe and confidential?

Absolutely 100%. Your material is never shared with anyone. Our team and reviewers are bound to a strict confidentiality agreement and a record of every reviewer who evaluates your material is stored permanently. Your security is our priority.

What is a typical turnaround/time frame?

For ONLY business plan submission to the various investors WITHOUT our review, it’s typically 1 - 2 weeks. We will send you a confirmation email once the material has been submitted. Please note that we cannot guarantee the time it will take for the investors to actually review your material. This is entirely dependent on the investor. However, we make every effort to get your pitch or business plan in front of the investor as quickly as possible for most submissions.

For business plan and pitch deck reviews, we typically take a full week to review and get back to you to do proper justice to your material. Pitch decks or business plans that are longer or more complex can take up to two weeks.

For pitch deck and business plan development, we typically take 1-2 weeks to prepare a draft and another week to finalize the draft.

Do I need to sign a separate NDA?

Your material is safe with us. Confidentiality of ideas and material is our top priority. Our team and reviewers are bound to a strict confidentiality agreement. By signing up for our services, you agree to all our terms of service including our NDA / confidentiality agreement.

Can I send in hard copies of the material?

We only support online/electronic submissions PowerPoint, Keynote, Word PDF or other standard formats. We are green and efficient. Online submissions are faster for you and better for the environment.

Why is there a higher charge for longer or more complex business plans?

The typical industry standard for pitch decks is no more than 10 - 15 slides (20 at the most) and no more than 20-30 pages for business plans. If you are over this, you may want to first trim it down anyway. If your concept demands more pages, we charge a small fee to compensate our team for the extra investment in time on a case by case basis.

What if I don't like the feedback?

If the notes/feedback is not up to your and our expectations, we may give you a completely new advisor which is determined on a case by case basis. Please note that a review you don’t agree with is not necessarily a bad one, your work may just be interpreted differently by different advisors. However, we will do our best to work with you if you ever feel like an advisor didn’t do his/her job to your standards.

Why should I pay for your services if I can have a fellow entrepreneur review my pitch deck or business plan for free?

Our advisors all have significant industry experience at some of the top venture capital and investment firms. There is advice you get from other fellow entrepreneurs, friends, and family and then there’s advice you get from actual investors. Ultimately, you need to please the investors.

Our advisors are relentless and unbiased. Your friends are great, but they’re always going to be a little nicer.

The more eyes and the more perspectives you can get on your concept, the better.

Can I find out who your advisors or investors are?

For our investor and advisors privacy and protection, we don’t release their names or contact information. Unsolicited contact or submissions actually do you more harm than build positive relationships in the industry. We have long-term relationships with some of the top investors in the industry. Based on your concept, business model, industry, we submit to only those that are relevant ensuring high-quality submissions and a higher rate of response.