CTO Advisory Service

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CTO Advisory Services (5 hours/week for one month)

Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”) Advisory Services provides a full range of strategy and management consulting services focused on executing the vision of CTOs of privately held businesses. Our team has a collective experience of over 50 years at some of the best Fortune 500 companies in the world. Strategic experienced and knowledgeable advisors are absolutely critical to the success of any business which is why we made great advisors to CTOs.

Working closely with the CTO and the executive team we help:

  • Provide business and technology leadership, with strong IT management backgrounds and the ability to discuss technology and business opportunities with equal fluency. They represent IT as part of the executive team and represent technology initiatives with business leaders and users.
  • Manage the firm-wide technology project portfolio.
  • Possess diverse knowledge of infrastructures and financial applications.
  • See themselves as ambassadors for IT and stewards for technology usage across an organization. They are the “voice of IT” for internal and external communication. They care about efficacy over ownership.
  • Lead through communication, motivation, and education.
  • Identify and recruit great staff and great vendors.
  • Represent technology functions with clients and auditors.

We help drive positive, forward-looking change in your tech, engineering, and IT organizations. even while leadership is in transition.

Short-term and part-time tech leadership can be a catalyst for change when used to develop and support internal tech management, assist in recruiting, and manage external vendors.

Great leadership transforms IT, tech or engineering into a discipline focused on understanding user needs, delivering solutions, reducing business risk or increasing business value, and creating business outcomes. Empowering IT teams to own change and growth is a critical success factor for every IT executive.