Raise $25K for your startup through Innovation Stage Accelerator Fund

Raise $25K for your startup through Innovation Stage Accelerator Fund

Innovation Stage is excited to announce a startup accelerator fund that allows you to apply for up to $25,000 funding for your startup.

Airbnb, Twitch, Stripe, and Dropbox -- what do all of these successful businesses have in common? They were all once startups who got a push in the right direction with the help of accelerator funds.

According to the Global Accelerator Report, a total of $206,740,005 was invested in 11,305 startups by 579 accelerator programs.

Innovation Stage Accelerator fund offers incredible benefits as follows:

  • Initial seed investment of up to $25,000* per startup
  • Additional rounds of seed investments based on our reviews
  • Mentorship from some of the most impactful mentors in the industry
  • Access to industry connections
  • Educational components to accelerate a startup's growth

Being able to help others reach their goals and dreams is rewarding; that's why we recently started our own accelerator fund. We would have never gotten to where we are without the help of our mentors who were kind enough to share their wisdom with us.

We've tried to keep our process fairly simple and straightforward as follows:

We look forward to hearing from you! Click here to apply and get started.